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           [8/7/2013 4:11:07 AM]

 Mariam  Bello: (*)Dear members i ask you again Are you ready ?? Are you ready?  I am Ready !!

Finally we are ready to take off on the 15 of august we will Re-launch as i promised you. 

We have been working very hard to comeback with a more solid business model with some very important enhancement to keep us more competitive , complaint and profitable 

so if you a serious about making a positive financial impact in your life please pay attention to our Re-Launch.

we will be inviting all leaders to a special training before we launch we will send you the next meassage with the time and date of a webiner in several languages please attend and make notes

As i have already mentioned we will be operating on a fully automated system with many step by step video tutorials to help you understand the business.

Now that the Holidays are comming to an end and every body is getting ready to work i think we have chosen  a good time .

i am looking forwards to serve you

Mariam (heart)

[7/12/2013 6:37:25 AM] Mariam  Bello: (*)Hello All,

As you all know we are working very hard to try to restore all the WebSite.

Till now we are happy to say that work is going very good and we will hope to have a ready version a little sooner than expected but, we are still working on it, and this will depend from the work missing.

We are thankfull for your patience and we are hopping you are still with us and we will promisse also some small surprises soon.

Your Admin (heart)


latest update for 

[6:48:59 AM | Edited 7:31:20 AM] Mariam Bello: Dear Users,

As you know, we have been recently attacked and all our structure was affected by it.

We have been hardly working this days, and have analysed all our website.

As a conclusion we can say that the matrix, vip points and cashbalance were affected by the intrusion and we will work as hard as you can imagine to restore it back very soon as we have part of the database untouched.

Also as you can think we will be back with a major update in our security system so that future attacks won´t happen again.

We will be back with the site online with all the things working and full improved in the 15th of August.

We will update you as we progress

Thanks for your patient and Understanding.

God Bless you all. (heart)

latest news for owner
i chating owner mariam bello

 on friday morning we will anounce the date  site will be back on air,right now we are still looking into all code and see what are the damage files the matrix are also damage .
This is why we need time to go round the site so we are can be able to give accurate time the site we be back
Thanks for your patient and understanding. 

latest news 

for owner.........

Mariam Bello: Dearest Members of   Adsprofitwiz ,  I am now abel to give you my official statment of the situtation concerning Adsprofitwiz . Our website has been severly attacked by intruders and Vicious Hackers and Yes they have Hit us so hard. they Entered on our servers.
Fumbled the whole sysem, damaging files, backups and Processors and left us with a mess !   And the first thing that came to my mind was   Oh my God! ! we are Down and Dead ! Tears and Anger overcame upone me, could you all imagine what was going through me?    I stepped a side …did my prayers  and started to calm myself . I called upon my programmers and Leaders to Help me analise the demage .We realsed that not everythig is lost.  Nr 1. we have us  Nr 2. our Matrix is in good shape and Oder 80% of our Date base is in place as before the attack so we only have to reconstruct the rest 20% this will take some time but with 100% commitment from my programmers and I  we will go full speed to put our programm back to Work.Rest Assured I will not let these Dream Thieves Steal our Dreams.  We joint togahter to bring value and meaning in the Market Place and in the Lives of many folks as we have build this togather we will have to stick to this Maxim we will never give up !!  I want to Extend my Gratitude to Memebers who have stept up to offer their Help and comments lets all keep calm and patience. Please refrain from calling me on phone or skype as this might distrackt me from the concentration needed  to bring us up and running ASP.   Remember this " if they cant beat us they should join us "                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        God give us strength.
With Love.

some having attack in this site..
so resolve management than open site and easily working...

your visited my new blogger...... 


latest update new site lunch .........

visited this site because this site use your username and passward ...............



Latest updates June 14th

Dear Members,

We are ecstatic to be back online! Thank you for your patience and understanding while we were making improvements over the past couple days, we really appreciate it. To compensate for the downtime we will be extending BOTH your membership expiry and point retirement by 4 days.

Please note that VIP Points are now called Advert Credits, with no changes made in how they function. All bonus points that convert to VIP Points are now called Special Advert Credits. These credits will only function for 30 days and will not generate auto-repurchased credits. Following, sponsors will not earn commissions from Special Advert Points, they will only earn commission from Advert Points manually purchased from their referrals.

Starting Monday June 17th, we will open registration for our new service site, As of today you may browse the website and become familiar with the tools and services provided. Finally, we will also be implementing our new domain name, AdsProfitWiz.ES, on Monday

Best regards,

AdsProfitWiz Admin

june 10, 2013

Super Special Updates - Read it all!!!

Dear Members,

In the coming weeks our company will be exploding with new features and services. The following list is just a preview of what is to come:

- Pay To SignUp Advertisements
- CoinGrid Advertisemеnt
- Surf Video Ads
- Login advert
- Attention getter
- Downline builder
- Replicating site
- Web room/Webinar conference
- Team white board/chat/videos
- Directoy/Article/Social links submission
- ЕShop
- Hosting
- Social hub
- Social Network Exchanger

We will be revitalizing our marketing plan to fit your advertising and business needs. These new features will be located on a website separate from APR but members will be able to use their current login details to access the site and will be able to retain their team for business development. Access is completely free, however usage of the new tools will require a membership fee as low as $25/month. Also, these additions will also allow you to create extra streams of income through a variety of ways, including through resale of our new products.

Additionally our domain name will be changing to Adsprofitwiz.ES (formerly known as in an effort to improve security and brand recognition. We kindly ask that you type Adsprofitwiz.ES into your browser\'s address bar instead of using a search engine to locate the site. This will direct you to the correct webpage and will prevent members from entering deceptive sites which may be full of malware.

In order rejuvenate the website, we will be down for maintenance from Tuesday June 11 @ 6:00pm to Friday June 14 @ 6:00pm. During this downtime we will also be implementing a few other modifications.

First, as mentioned in a previous update, the $30 minimum withdrawal will be enforced.

Second, bonus points convert to VIP Points after 60 days, and these newly converted VIPs will be active for 30 days. Any VIP Points autorepurchased from converted bonus points or from the accumulation on these converted VIPs will no longer earn your upline commission. Rather, only the VIP Points bought IN ADDITION TO the initial bonus points will generate commission.

APR Admin

Liberty Reserve Recovery Fund

Dear Members ,
As many of you may already know, the payment processor Liberty Reserve has closed down. This has resulted in a great loss for our company. In order to compensate for this loss and to help our program work its way up to a brighter future, we have decided to implement a recovery fund. Beginning May 28th, 2013, 10% of your withdrawals will be used for this fund. Adsprofitreward will cover 20% of the loss. We hope you understand that this decision has been made with all our members\' best interests in mind and that despite the challenges, we are here to stay for the long run.


APR Admin Team

new update for

Dear Members,

We understand that many of you have not been able to log into your accounts while we were performing maintenance. We thank you for your patience and loyalty during this time. And for those still having problems, please note that in some countries it may be up to 72 hours before all of the changes are fully implemented.

On the bright side, as compensation for this downtime we are temporarily pausing your Point Retirement so you will not lose any earnings. Your VIP Points will retire in 93 days now, instead of 90. As well, beginning May 27th, 2013, the program should be fully functional. Then, all members will be required to do their daily qualification tasks to yield daily earnings.

Concerning the news, as some of you know, Liberty Reserve has closed down and this resulted in notable losses for Adsprofitreward. We assure you that we are developing an appropriate solution to reduce any impact this event has and that we continue to strive to secure the company\'s future.

APR Admin Team

new update for

May 15 Announcement

Dear Members,

We would like to thank you for your diligence and patience as we continue to enhance the system. The following updates will help our company to build a more solid foundation for a more stable and profitable future.

First, as soon as we reach 180,000 members, we will be replacing our Free Membership with new Bronze Membership. Benefits of the Bronze Membership will be identical to the Free Membership, except that the monthly subscription fee will be $5.00. Sponsors will get a $1.00 commission. Current free members are allowed to continue their membership as is until expiry and will then need to upgrade their subscriptions to Bronze.

The maximum Bronze Membership allowance is 2 months. After this 2 month period members will be required to upgrade to a Silver, Gold or Diamond membership, depending on their needs. This will allow our members to earn a real income on the accumulated Bonus Points which will be converted to VIP Points by this time.

Second, all individuals who received Bonus Points for their initial subscription of Gold or Diamond must continue with the same subscription for 3 months (or upgrade to Diamond for those who started with a Gold Membership) in order to have all Bonus Points converted to VIP Points. If members downgrade to Silver before 3 months are completed, the difference in Bonus Points will be subtracted from their balance.

Finally, beginning June 1st, 2013, our minimum withdrawal will be $30. Withdrawal will be open twice a week, from Wednesday To Thursday 12:00 PM to 12:00 PM Europe time ( GMT +1 ) and from Sunday To Monday 12:00 PM To 12:00 PM Europe time ( GMT +1 ).

The aforementioned enhancements will create a more secure and prosperous environment for our existing members. We wish everyone great success as they grow with our company.

Kind Regards,

APR Admin

  • Silver Subscription Package

    • 110 Bonus Points
    • Matrix Comissions
    • Daily Profit Share Potential
    • Banner Credit 2500
    • Text Credit 2500
    • Free Bids Credit 25
    • Free Training
    • Gold Subscription Package

      • 150 Bonus Points
      • Matrix Comissions
      • Daily Profit Share Potential
      • Banner Credit 5000
      • Text Credit 5000
      • Free Bids Credit 50
      • Free Training
      • Diamond Subscription Package

        • 200 Bonus Points
        • Expanding Matrix Comissions
        • Daily Profit Share Potential
        • Banner Credit 10000
        • Text Credit 10000
        • Free Bids Credit 100
        • Free Training
my payment adsprofitreward liberty account..........................

breaking news.............

Suspended Account

Dear Members,

A number of accounts were suspended within the past 24 hours due to multiple registrations on one IP address. Many of these IP addresses had 5 or more accounts connected to them, which is against company policy.

However, we do understand that some members have extenuating circumstances and have not violated the rules. For these individuals we will make an exception and reactivate their account. Each reactivation will be done on an individual basis. Please send a ticket to Help Desk to appeal your suspension.

Please note that we value our honest, hard working members. If you have not committed any violation of our rules you will not be penalized. For those who have intentionally committed fraudulent activity on their accounts, be aware that we have a zero tolerance policy and thus any further attempts at deception will be taken seriously.

Kind Regards,

APR Admin

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breaking news 
you have payout or withdrew request sand then your adsprofitreward company  transfer payment your account after two to seven days,sometimes only day transfer payment your account so, dn,t worry and any question connect my number and skype i.d ......
1- 2% daily on your investment
2- Direct ref commission 20% every month
3- Indirect ref commission 0.25$ from every downline every month
4- 10% commission when ur direct member parches VIP
5- 4% commission when ur indirect member parches VIP
6- spillover 100%
7- Minimum cashout 20$
8- But you can cashout 10$ any time by PIT system .
9- Fantastic alexa and scame advise ranking
10-Fast speed site



easy earning in this site  and only 3mint working daily and more
earning daily basis and more information my skype i.d and mobile number connected.
these is more then zeekreward.i am sure that these company would be alive for than 2 years.the year to make money like sand with
Step 1:

Contact and thank the person that introduced you to AdsProfitReward.

Have them introduce you to others that are working the business and part of the team.

This way, when you need a little direction, you will have more than one person to go to,
Step 2:

Check out your new business opportunity thoroughly. Do this by visiting and studying the various websites you have been provided.

This link is your main link.

Here are a few things that you can use the above link for:

Share your link with others to help build your business while offering a solution to set them financially free by making money online.

Keep an accurate account of your AdsProfitReward business.

Place your banner ads and text ads.

Track your organization and their growth.

Participate in the daily required action of clicking the ad grid and watching 5 ads.

Participate in the daily required action of buying bids and giving them away to customers for the penny auction.

See your sponsor or training video for more details.

Step 3:

Login and check out AdsProfitReward highly profitable penny auction. The URL you wll login to is: . You will use the same login details you use for your main AdsProfitReward business.

It’s really exciting! So take a look, buy some bids and even enjoy potentially winning great items in the auction.

By all means don’t forget to share your penny auction link with friends, families and others. Where can you find your referral link?

Login to the penny auction link and in the top middle of the page is your direct referral link.

Now advertise, refer and earn 20% on every personally referred customer bid pack purchase

Step 4:

Building a big team are you?
Well, definitely take an in-depth look at the 2x21 matrix.

What can I do to grow at team and earn in the matrix? For starters, share your main link as often as possible. Share your link and enroll people into the monthly premium position of Diamond, Gold, Silver or the Free membership position.

When Enrolling Free Members:
Free Members will show in the 2x21 matrix, but when time to pay out the matrix will automatically compress them so they will not count until they upgrade to a monthly premium position (Diamond, Gold, Silver). Free Members earn 20% from each premium member they directly refer Free Members may take advantage of a trial period of 60 days while participating in the daily required action.

When Enrolling Silver Members - Premium Membership - $10 Monthly
Silver Members will have a position in the 2x21 matrix. ad a few points and refer to their sponsor and or training video

When Enrolling Gold Members - Premium Membership - $50 Monthly
Gold Members will have a position in the 2x21 matrix. ad a few points and refer to their sponsor and or training video

When Enrolling Diamond Members - Premium Membership - $100 Monthly
Diamond Members will have a position in the 2x21 matrix. ad a few points and refer to their sponsor and or training video

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success. 
posting an ad you earn a day on the sites indicated by your program, the possibility of a free trial for 60 days. In these 60 day trial period, you will create a profit, making the upgrade to silver member, to participate in the 2x5 forced matrix (62 persons). Forced matrix means that the system assigns your referrals to your genealogy, up to a maximum of 62, with their earnings.
 Enjoy our penny auction with 25 free bids and win great items including cash. 

 easy earning in this site  and only 3mint working daily and more earning daily basis and more information my skype i.d and mobile number connected.

Daily qualifications

Dear APR Members, 
Your Daily Qualification procedure has been changed as of today. 
Step 1 - viewing five sites on adgrid. 
Step 2 - Copy advert text with your link. 
Step 3 - Place your advert on any of the classified sites. 
Step 4 Confirm your ad placement. 
Please complete all the required daily qualification from Step 1 to 4.

Success to all!!!

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mobile no.03144004605
  1. my name Arslan chohan

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